When Does Three Plus Two Equal More Than Five? On October 9th Is When!!

Published by Scott Danek

Equanimity Wealth Management, Conquest Fitness, Dart Bank, and Simplified Tax & Accounting share an interest in always looking for unique ways to add value to their clients and community.  This will be on full display on October 9th, 2018 when we host On Target Living’s Matt Johnson to share invaluable information for a healthier you.

When you think about it you can have all the money in the world, and if you aren’t healthy then what do you have?  Whether you want to travel, run around the yard with the kids and grandkids, spend the day at the lake or museum, etc., you need your health to be able to do and enjoy these things.  The information you’ll take away from this seminar will be easy to digest (pardon the pun) and that which can be put into action in your daily life immediately as you make progress to the life you wish to live.

Scott Danek, founder and president of Equanimity Wealth Management, first heard Matt’s father Chris Johnson speak at a practice management conference of all places.  “I was just blown away by all the great information about the everyday things we either do or don’t do that can make such a huge difference in our present and long-term health.  Little things like mineral water, coconut oil, how to get a better night’s sleep.  I decided right then and there we had to find a way to share this information.  Our three firms spend so much time and effort helping our clients with their financial health, this just seemed like a natural way to help our clients live healthier lives, hopefully enjoying the fruits of our collective efforts more than they would otherwise”.

The venue and one sponsor is Conquest Fitness with sessions at either Bath or Dewitt depending on the session you choose to attend.  Andre Hutson, one of the partners of Conquest Fitness who played on MSU’s National Championship basketball team, understands the value of one’s health.  He now dedicates his life to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals through both his business as well as his Conquest Health & Fitness Foundation.  For more information about Conquest Fitness, visit https://conquest-fitness.com/.  There will be free workout sessions led by Conquest’s trainers either immediately before or after the seminar so you’ll be able to get your body moving along with your mind!

Joe Sambaer and Joe Joseph of Dart Bank are also sponsors.  Sure, getting a competitive rate on your mortgage is important, but if you can’t climb the stairs and enjoy getting out in your yard that rate doesn’t mean as much, which is one reason he decided to be a sponsor.  Visit https://www.dartbank.com/joseph.html to learn more about Joe and Dart Bank.

Nikali Luke, founder of sponsor Simplified Tax & Accounting, watches his young children run around and play and can’t help but think about why one’s health is just as important as paying as little in taxes as possible.  To learn more about Nikali and the team at Simplified Tax & Accounting, visit their website at https://www.simplified-tax.com/.

So, mark your calendar for October 9th and join us for this informative and fun seminar and workout.  You’ll be able to choose from sessions and workouts in the morning, at lunch, and in the early evening too.  Maybe you like to learn in the morning but workout in the afternoon.  Check.  Maybe you like to ‘Move in the Morning’ and ‘Learn Late’.  That would work too. If you’d like to join us for the seminars, that works too! It is all free, thanks to our great sponsors, and sure to be information that will truly change your life for the better if you let it.

RSVP today by clicking here or contact Katherine at [email protected] or 517.324.1266 ext 5 and get started on the path to a healthier you!

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