Counting Sheep Isn’t Just for Kids

Submitted by Scott Danek

So, when was the last time you woke up saying ‘Boy, I wish I hadn’t gotten such a great night’s rest’?  Seriously, think about it for a minute.  Do you remember the dream you had last night?  I didn’t when I first heard On Target Living’s Matt Johnson speak and ask that same question, and when he indicated that could be because my sleep wasn’t deep enough to include dreaming, and that dreaming was one of the most important things your brain needs to maintain its health, it got my attention.

Turns out there are a number of things we should be doing to make sure we get enough quantity and quality of sleep to lead to dreaming and subsequent brain health.  Some you know about, such as trying not to eat too close to falling asleep as digestion can interfere with your ability to sleep soundly.  Or not using your phone or computer in the time leading up to sleep since it emits a ‘blue light’ that negatively impacts your body’s ability to produce the sleep hormone melatonin.  You’d pass that quiz for sure, right?

There are though a number of other things that can help you get the sleep you need, and some may surprise you.  For example, did you know that foods rich in magnesium really help?  But which ones right?!  Or, that Epsom salts or adding a mineral water to your meal a few times a week can help too?  Or, try this one on for style, sunlight!?  I thought we were supposed to get the room as dark and cool as possible, right?!  If we told you now what fun would October 9th be. . .;-)

Yes, all these things can help, and the ‘why’ behind them is very interesting and important too.  The nice thing is many of the things we can do that help other aspects of our life will also be additive to the quality of our sleep, so even though we all lead hectic, busy, connected lives we can be efficient by doing ‘this and that’ and help make improvements in multiple aspects of our health.

If brain health is important to you, and dreaming more sounds like fun too, join us on October 9th by ‘RSVP-ing’ today by clicking here.

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