Three Reasons pH Could Stand for Poor Health Rather Than Just ‘Potential Hydrogen’

Published by Scott Danek

I’m sure you didn’t wake up this morning thinking about your pH level, but if you knew how important it is to your health and how easy it is to help get it moving in the right direction you might go to bed tonight thinking about it and get up tomorrow morning doing something about it.  Let’s start with a few questions.

Do you know why acid reflux medication is one of the fastest growing prescriptions in the country?  Or, why our country has one of the highest per capita levels of calcium consumption in the world while also having one of the worst averages of bone health?  Finally, how is it that diet soda which has zero calories actually causes your body to try to gain weight?

Since you had to have read the title of this article to get this far you probably are thinking these are all related to our pH levels, and you are correct!  The good news is your body will not allow itself to get too far out of balance in terms of pH, and the even better news is we can help it not have to work overtime to do it.

What are some ways we can help our body as it keeps us in balance?  Add a slice of lemon to your glass of water.  Better yet, add a slice of lemon to your mineral water!  At least reduce if not eliminate diet soda from your diet (you would NOT believe what the phosphoric acid does to your iodine levels, and therefore your thyroid, and therefore…you get the idea).

These are just a handful of the ways you can easily help your body maintain its pH balance.  Learn many more on October 9th, including some that taste good, feel good, and are fun to do as well.  RSVP now by clicking here

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