Holy Cross Services Homeless Services at the New Hope Community Center Lansing, Michigan

Our core values here at Equanimity Wealth Management is OTHERS.

                Others First – Serving our clients’ and communities’ needs before our own.
                Teamwork – A collaborative effort, emphasizing our respective strengths, focused on client outcome
                Honesty – A mutual relationship built o n trust, transparency, and accountability
                Excellence – Aspiring to do out best at every opportunity
                Respect – Showing consideration, regard and kindness to others
                Service – The art of putting others first that helps another person or solves their challenges

In living our core values, we not only donate to several charities throughout the year, we also give our time.  Holy Cross Services is one of those organizations that we support all year long.  Here is a brief history and facts about all that they do for our community as written by Kassie Kretzschmar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Holy Cross Services.


Beginning Oct. 1, 2018, Volunteers of America (VOAMI) transferred the VOAMI Lansing facility and operations to Holy Cross Services (HCS), now named the New Hope Community Center, located at 430 N. Larch St., Lansing, MI.

Holy Cross Services now provides a myriad of comprehensive, homeless services annually to over 7,000 homeless veterans, adults and children.


Did You Know?


Holy Cross is just starting the second year at the New Hope Community Center and has not only SAVED all the services that this wonderful community has helped provide, but EXPANDED SERVICES by adding Substance Abuse Treatment for Veterans and starting this month, the services include the rest of the clients served at New Hope!


Holy Cross serves over 92,000 meals a year to people in the Lansing community.


Holy Cross provides medical care, dental care, legal assistance, housing assistance, employment assistance 260 days a year Monday-Friday, and food and shelter 365 days a year!


5,098 men, women and children turned to Holy Cross Services for help which equates to a daily average of nearly 20 new people walking in the door for the first time EACH WEEKDAY at 430 N. Larch Street.


YOU CAN HELP US continue this mission!!!!    Please join us for our 9th ANNUAL Homeless No More event on March 5, 2020, 5:30pm-7:30pm at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center in East Lansing. It’s a fun night where you’ll get to hear great stories too from some of the great people served at the New Hope!


About Holy Cross Services throughout Michigan

Holy Cross Services, founded in 1948, has grown from one to over 20 sites and continues to provide hope and healing to children, adults and families. HCS touches the lives of approximately 1,500 people every day who are abused, neglected, traumatized, and/or who suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues, plus over 7,000 homeless veterans, adults and children in Ingham County. HCS is one of the largest private, not-for-profit providers of children and family welfare services as well as behavioral healthcare services in Michigan. HCS employs about 450 employees who are dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive care to help people become healthy, whole and self-sufficient. HCS meets the person where they are in their life journey and helps them through their struggles by being their support, giving them useful and productive tools to succeed, and most of all offering hope.


Holy Cross has three key service areas:

 Children’s Services for foster care youth 6-17 years old:

  • Residential facilities serving clients who are abused, neglected, need behavior stabilization, juvenile justice transition
  • Community Outreach services and residential facilities for clients in Independent Living, Independent Living Plus, Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care

 Behavioral Health Services (Substance Use & Mental Health Disorders)

  •  Residential facilities serving adult women, men, adolescents, and adult women with children
  • Outpatient Services serving the community

 Homeless Services in Lansing, Michigan

  •  The Mission of Holy Cross Services is to bring hope, promote change and help people live free, healthy and productive lives.


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