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For Scott, it is incredibly rewarding to serve clients. Besides one’s health, family, and religion, depending on how someone ranks those things, there aren’t very many things more important than financial well-being and independence. Being able to play a central role in that on behalf of his clients is an honor and privilege Scott takes very seriously.

Scott’s career began serving clients just prior to graduating with High Honor from Michigan State University, working with two mentors who had extensive experience advising clients. As soon as the Board of Standards industry experience requirement allowed, Scott passed their 10 hour, two day exam, earning the CFP® designation to signify his commitment to holistic financial and wealth planning, which he has maintained since 1996.

Scott was born and raised in Laingsburg, MI, where Jill and he live and are raising their three children, Alexa, Jacob, and Myia. Community is very important, which is why Scott served 12+ years on his hometown’s school board as Treasurer. He also served as president of his local educational foundation ‘LEAF’ and was the race director for LEAF’s ‘Burg Run for 15 years, which raised over $50,000 during its existence.

Scott loves to travel with the kids, go “cabining” in the U.P., spend a lot of time on and in the water, and fish as often as he humanly can, which is his equanimity.


Scott’s favorite food is fresh fish, specifically fish tacos. It doesn’t get any better than sitting by the water, either up north or in a tropical locale, eating fish caught that very day.

The best piece of financial advice Scott has ever received is: “Live beneath your means.” His parents preached and lived that motto; it has served them and Scott’s family very well, and he likes to think it also indirectly serves his clients too. Thanks mom and dad.

There are many great holidays, but Scott’s favorite is Thanksgiving. We all live busy, at times hectic, lives and being able to slow down and enjoy the company of our family, give thanks, share a wonderful meal, good wine, and lasting memories is a great way to spend the day.

Scott and his team spend a great deal of time helping clients live the lives they’ve always dreamed; that often includes first identifying their ‘bucket list’ items, prioritizing them, and then doing them. If Scott had to name a bucket list item, it would be catching a Giant Trevally (GT) on a fly rod. They are noble, ‘take-no-prisoners’ fish that are incredibly strong and live in some of the most breathtaking and remote locations on earth.

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