Meet Kyla


Kyla comes to EWM through networking with FinServ Foundation, whose goal is to change the next generation of financial advisors through access, coaching and community. Kyla initially served as an Intern during the fall semester at Michigan State University. GO GREEN!! After she learning the ins and outs of wealth management at EWM, she has permanently joined the team as the Client Service Associate.

Kyla is looking forward to gaining as much knowledge and mentorship from the members of our team that she can use in both her personal and professional lives.

Kyla enjoys the aspect of this industry that is all about helping people grow, not only financially, but internally. The ability to go back and educate others brings her joy.

From the outer areas of Detroit, MI, Kyla is the oldest of 2 children though she has a few step-siblings that are older than her. Like many other college students, Kyla has had a few jobs that have developed her customer service experience and communication skills, in addition to building her professional working experience. Kyla has had the pleasure of volunteering at Beaumont Hospital before college, she loved the aspect of comforting patients during their stays and encouraging them as they left. In addition, there has been many other volunteer projects that Kyla has took part in through Michigan State.

Kyla’s true equanimity is listening and singing along to music. Whether it be R &B, Gospel, Hip-Hop or Rap; no matter the mood she is in, there is always a song dedicated to bring her peace.


Fun Facts: