Meet Kate


For Kate, making Equanimity Wealth Management’s clients’ lives better is the best part of her job. It’s a complicated world we live in and if Kate can make it less complicated even just a little bit, she counts that as a successful day. Kate also loves having all of the clients a part of her daily life.

Kate has a BA in Sociology from Michigan State University. GO GREEN! It was supposed to have been an Accounting degree, but it wasn’t an appropriate financial plan for her to go to school for an extra 2 years after MSU made quite a few changes. Post college Kate worked for a couple small businesses and learned a lot of valuable skills, though she really wanted to wear her accounting hat as a career. It was a huge blessing when a friend referred her to Scott. That was 2002! Kate never looked back and continues to only look forward.

Kate is passionate about serving people: family, friends, her church, her neighbors, and her clients. Others come first. Thanks to Kate’s parents for instilling that value deep in her heart, soul, and thoughts.

Kate only offers securities through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, and investment advisory services through CWM, LLC.

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