Women and the Retirement Crisis

By Kate Moss, Relationship Manager, Registered Administrative Assistant   Here’s a number that will knock your socks off: $400 trillion.1   By 2050, the retirement savings shortfall in eight of the world’s largest economies is expected to reach $400 trillion, according to estimate …

Three Important ‘Stocks At An All-Time High’ Planning Considerations

Published by Scott Danek This year has been one of those years when it seems like almost daily you hear about the ‘stocks at an all-time high’.  While this kind of year is usually more ‘fun’ for investors, it should lead to three important financial planning considerations.

The Importance of Creating Your ‘my Social Security Account’ Today

Published by Kate Moss No matter how old you are today, you should create your ‘my Social Security Account’, which is the online service provided by Social Security Administration (SSA). ‘What? Why would I want to do that?’ you ask. We understand that you may only be 25 years old and think …

Senior Citizen Discount for Taxes

Published by Kate Moss Being eligible to use Senior Citizen discounts is like a rite of passage in life. It says, ‘You’ve made it!’ Be proud of your age and take your Senior Citizen discount at McDonald’s for coffee, get cheaper movie tickets and even ask for savings from many cell phone co …

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