Meet Jake


Jake has a BS in Financial Management from Olivet College in 2009. Post college, Jake stayed on at his alma mater and continued to work in residence life for the next 4 years, where he truly found his passion in helping people to learn, grow and be a little bit better each day.

Jake is passionate about putting others before self; family, friends, and clients all come first. Jake received this core personal value and belief from both of his parents and he has embraced it and it remains at the center of his daily life.


Jake’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese; if he could eat it every day, he would.

Expression of one’s self is Jake’s equanimity. Whether it’s gathering with friends for a night of table top gaming, expression through art, or having a thought provoking conversation, Jake is comfortable and at ease.

Jake also enjoys to read, specifically science fiction. The ability to let your mind get lost in another world where nothing is off limits has always fascinated him. His favorite author is Orson Scott Card and his favorite book is “Ender’s Game.”

Jake is a big football enthusiast and his favorite college team is the Michigan Wolverines while his favorite pro team to watch is the Philadelphia Eagles. His family is the most important thing to him. He and his wife, Crystal, recently had a young daughter and they hope to build upon their family in the near future.