Meet Alex


As a Client Service Associate, Alex works closely with Scott & Kate to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience here at EWM.  Whether it is working to ensure the new client onboarding process goes smoothly, or servicing long lasting client’s portfolios, Alex is committed to consistently providing exceptional service.

Alex graduated from Central Michigan University with BA in Marketing & Professional Sales. Post-graduation he worked selling property & casualty insurance before joining the EWM team in 2018.

Alex is passionate about making a positive impact on others. He enjoys being part of an organization & team that align with his personal belief of putting others first.


Alex’s favorite food is Tacos but he will be more than happy with any Mexican food.

Alex enjoys watching documentaries and reading non-fiction books. His favorite book is Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins.

Alex is also a sports fanatic and spends his free time playing basketball & watching sports. His favorite teams are (unfortunately) The Ohio State & Detroit Lions.

Spending time with his wife and animals is Alex’s equanimity. Whether it is being piled onto the couch for a movie night or going for long walks time spent with them is what is most important to him.